I’m obsessed with intimacy.
Obsessed with attraction.
Obsessed with poetry.
And I have spent my life teetering on the edge.


An attraction & intimacy coach/writer/poet.

This is my background story and how I discovered my life’s passion


An attraction & intimacy coach/writer/poet.
This is my background story and how I discovered my life’s passion


Since I were a young woman, I’ve been entwined with the creature of my sexuality.


Orgasm became my ally. I found myself dripping with the slightest impulse: sight, sound, or smell.  


These impressions bit me as real and as intensely as claws on my body. Masturbation was rare. Fantasy and memory became my sanctum of self pleasure. I was the master of my sexual self. And nothing could prevent me from cumming. Constantly. Uncontrollably.



With time, my heart folded in on itself, to greater depths. There was not just bliss, not just pleasure. Between my legs I found truth and gold. I pursued something different in my relationships. It was unconventional. It has made all the difference….


Buried in the depths of my body were the blueprints for the ‘orgasmic relationship’.


I didn’t do it consciously It was just something I came up with. To survive more than anything. It was a sexual outlet that kept me alive in a sea of barren, lifeless men. Everyone else around me didn’t have such a powerful, carnal anchor: they starved on love, and thirst for something more.  I was alone in an orgasmic sea. There was no one else like me



I was the queen. I was the master of orgasm. I was a bitch. But it wasn’t enough. Despite, or because of my voraciousness, I had trouble being met equally in a relationship.


However satisfying the relationship, it never matched the intensity I felt and cultivated inside. And then I learned that I needed something from a man so I could cum on end – worship, playfulness, challenge and most of all – masculine penetration.


And to be seen as the one who can turn his world upside down, the one he rushes home to. The one he wants to fuck into oblivion. No mercy. Just instinct.



After several relationships experiencing abandonment and unfuckedness I looked for solutions. No more love illiterates for me. No more bullshit from my side. I swore myself an oath that I’d make myself the master of whatever it took to end this misery.


Deep inner work, seduction, cum, soul-reaching intimacy and feminine surrender are the answers I found to heal and grow. 


If I wanted to find someone who matches me, I’d first have to be me. So I learned all about the penetration I yearn, why I want it, what it gives me and what I can offer my male equivalent to want me and to stay. My masks became more visible to me, when I wear them, when I don’t and when I’m my most vulnerable. I invented my version of the song of the muse, a way of inspiring men to want to be better men. 



Those skills helped a lot in getting closer to the men who were a bit like me.


But what was more important than any applicable skill was the work I did within me.


The preparation for an eloquent barbarian, a man, who wouldn’t run, happened while practicing these disciplines. For this kind of man I needed to change inside. From the insecure brat to the woman who’s walking beside him in spite of a few fears. Cos…..fuck that!

The type of man I was after knows how to handle himself and and his fears and being honest about it. But I needed a platform to be seen by people. To be heard in my very own voice, my very own writing. It was important to me because this is the one way to learn about where and what I can improve. A steady flow of ideas, likes and dislikes and sympathy, attraction even. The internet and social settings became my study room, my bedroom, the lab.



The use of relationships for change is essential. How else would I  get to train with a sparring partner…


Relationships, being in the mix, on the battlefield, between the sheets and close up and personal, is the best ground for growth.


Right there. In the zone. Nothing in between. As a love and lust and soul work apprentice. In my very own service. And that of my partner.



When I meet men and women I witness a lot of relationship pain and fear of soul-felt sexuality. I see the same torment I went through.


Joining several of the most recognised coaching programs would give me the structure to help others. Connecting to my heritage and ancestor’s wisdom would help me to connect to myself. And to those who want the same thing as I do.

My practices and experiments are the base of what I teach. And the experience of everything I learned and studied rounds it up. The things that work, you’ll learn from me.

The practices I learned to live my desires and to draw in the kind of man I want are worth nothing if I keep them to myself. Here I can help you to get the lusciousness back into your love life.


So, I want to share this knowledge, that it will help as many men and women whose intimate life has grown barren. Men and women who seek the deep relating and bonds that we are made to create with each other.

We lose sleep over finding the solution while searching for meaningful, deeply felt interaction. We search pleasure that goes deeper than the brain overload of porn and bought sex. Or the vanilla offerings of the sweetheart next door. To hell with that! You’re invited to go all the way. Your way. Even if it’s scary as hell.